Cool Bed Sheets

We all like to sleep in a comfortable bed with cool bed sheets hugging our bodies in the hot summer nights. Being hot and sticky because of unbearable heat will make us wake up a few times during the night. This is not good for our health, as we need uninterrupted sleep in order to function properly during the day.

So how can we remedy this on a permanent basis? We could invest in an expensive air conditioner for our bedroom, or we could buy a really powerful fan. Leaving the windows open is also an option but then we stand the chance of luring all sorts of night crawlers into our home. Or we could move closer to water or even move to a cooler city. But this is a bit drastic and we need not go to such lengths.

There is another less expensive option and that is to purchase bed sheets which are lightweight and breathable. The fact is our bodies need to breathe through our skin to cool us down and if we sleep on sheets that are better suited for winter, or those that are made with a low thread count, then we are left with an overheated body that produces more sweat than needed.

Here is where a high thread count will help you to sleep easy and wake up feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. You can even try an 800 thread count which is essentially made from a microfiber material woven tightly together.

The tight weave gives the sheet a feel of silk to the touch which does not heat up under our bodies. Keeping cool is what our ultimate goal is in the long summer months and having well manufactured cool bed sheets will go a long way in assisting us to reach this objective.